We believe in supporting local artists. 
Our customers can find a variety of items 
that were created in the Port Austin area.


                            The Loft carries Whim Originals jewelry 
                                                            handcrafted by Lynn Wiencek.

I have always loved art. I started out in drawing and made a very long journey to what I am doing today. I permanently moved up to Port Austin oh,...I would say about five years ago now. 

Before Port Austin, I was an art and computer graphics teacher in Southfield, Michigan. I taught Middle School and loved it. The kids at that age are just so much fun. I still miss it to this day. I taught for 11 years and then moved into a career in Project Management for software companies. I managed large software and hardware installations all over the country. I spent pretty much 10 years living in hotels and airplanes...and guess what I loved that also!

My last contract ended and before I began looking for another, my parents became ill, I came to Port Austin to help. After a little while I realized I needed to keep myself busy....Port Austin is a beautiful town, but just a bit quieter than living in hotels and shuttling around the country on a regular basis. 

I began making jewelry to fill time at first, and to create pieces that I really wanted to wear. My interest has grown over the years. I started creating beaded jewelry and still love beads to this day. I then moved into creating mosaic furniture and home decor, and once again fell in love. I actually have found I have a bit of a short attention span and find moving from one medium to another keeps the interest and inspiration flowing. So with that in mind I have now moved into metals. Creating with sterling silver, copper, and incorporating my beads and gemstones as I go along. 

The very first retail market for my pieces was Lisa's Loft of Port Austin, MI. The store was opening and I decided to give it a shot and approach the owner Lisa Heins. Well, over the years Lisa has become a wonderful friend and a terrific retail venue for my jewelry.
                                                Donna Ruperburg's watercolor prints are very popular.


My medium is watercolor and I enjoy capturing the essence of historic buildings and also the beauty of nature. I am a member of the Thumb Arts Guild in Port Austin, MI and the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, Florida. I have been published in the Michigan History Magazine, and I continue to take advanced watercolor classes during the winter months at the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda and have taken pen & ink classes at the Edison Community College in Florida.

My portfolio contains many watercolor paintings of old churches and historical buildings in the upper thumb area. I also will do commission work for customers who would like a painting of their own personal cottage or home. My watercolor paintings of many local churches captures the beautiful old architecture of  days gone by. The prints, which can be beautifully framed, make meaningful gifts for weddings and baptisms.  

Prints, cards and magnets of my art work are made available for sale at Lisa's Loft. The purchase of these items will make nice souvenir of your visit to Port Austin and surrounding area.

I taught piano & organ for 22 years and have been the church organist for the United Protestant Church for the past 15 years. My husband, Burke, and I have resided in Port Austin since 1991 and have three grown children and three grandsons all living in Michigan.
Diane Jodoin's refinished vintage and antique furniture pieces are the perfect addition for your 
cottage, cabin or home.

I have the privilege of offer rejuvenated vintage furniture and an occasional painting to the extended family of Lisa's Loft customers.

It was a natural progression to arrive at this destination, largely due to the friends and family that surround me. A welcome addition, my husband of  33 years, Randy, has progressed from loosening a rusted-on screw for me, to locating and refinishing his own projects.

I have had two questions asked of me repeatedly that have made an impact. The first is, "Who are you from home?" It is a literal translation from Polish to English meaning, "What is your maiden name?". That is a wholly quaint, unique to this area, question. It always makes me smile, and reminds me of who I am and why I live here.

The second question is broader in geography, and is, "What do you do, up here, in the winter?"

Well...I am self taught through books, the internet, and trial and error. I started with sewing, moved on to painting, dabbled in woodworking, and found my heart was in rescuing, repairing, and restoring old wood and wicker furniture.  I can repair wicker, weave a new seat, and permanently fix a loose leg of a chair without running a screw that shows. I have learned to patch veneer, repair ornate gesso frames, and fix broken pottery without glue or the missing pieces. I can make a drawer slide smoother, and know where to look  for authentic vintage handles,  keyhole covers, or upholstery.

From home, I am an Iseler, and this is what I do, up here, in the winter.

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Bill Diller Wonders of Nature Photography

I am a freelance writer & photographer with a passionate love of nature which leads me to produce images worthy of display. I was born and raised in Huron County, in Michigan's Thumb. The natural beauty of the state makes it a perfect place to practice my craft. I write feature stories for newspapers & magazines, and press releases for businesses & organizations, but my first love is nature photography.
Over the years I have had numerous photos, text or photo/text packages published in local and regional newspapers and in regional and national magazines. 
My credits include Michigan Out-of-Doors, Michigan Living, Michigan Country Lines, Huron Shores, Woods-N-Water News, Great Lakes Angler, Lakeland Boating, Quilt World, Antique Trader, Today's Collector, Antique Gazette, Farm & Ranch Living, Toy Farmer, Sugarbeet Grower, Toy Trucker & Contractor, Boating Life and Mid West Outdoors. In addition, my photos have been used as covers for regional telephone and travel directories.
For the last few years I've been showing my nature photography at art & craft shows throughout Michigan. If you see me at a show, stop by and say 'hi.'

With the hustle and bustle of your daily life, creating an enduring scrapbook can be a time consuming task that you are unable to fit into your day. But don't let that stop you from having a keepsake that you will cherish for years to come. I will create a custom scrapbooks designed and crafted from your very own memories and photographs. These scrapbooks make wonderful gifts or centerpieces for you or loved ones to view and appreciate. 
I have been active in the scrapbook industry for over seven years, creating one-of-a kind scrapbooks for various occasions. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations and vacations are popular albums.
Helping you make moments into memories,
Tamie Cook creates one-of-a-kind 
Scrapbook albums.
After graduation from high school, I worked at the Progress-Advance in Pigeon, my love for fonts and layout design began at that time. After I married and moved to Oakland County from the Caseville area, my hobby was set aside to focus on my career in the  I/T industry.  After a friend had a baby girl, I wanted to create a special gift, and made her a scrapbook album capturing the baby’s first year. This rekindled my love for papercrafts. During this time, the scrapbook industry changed from a craft focus to an industry seriously devoted to the preservation of memories in an archival and safe manner. My husband and I moved back to the Caseville area about five years ago.

In addition to creating unique scrapbook albums for others, I conduct scrapbook and cardmaking classes, from beginner to advanced. If you need help working on your album, and don’t know where to start, I can help you begin the enjoyment of completing your own album.

There is no reason why we all cannot make moments into memories for future generations.  The lives we lead are unique, precious and should never be forgotten, lost or destroyed through time.  Scrapbooks are a celebration of who we are and what we value.